Little House of Hugs & Baby Hugs

Child Care, Advanced Preschool, Infant Care

Our Littlest Angels

They have five huge rooms to explore, including a dress-up room, a manipulative room, a gross motor room, and more!  
No other center in Monroe can compare to what Baby Hugs has to offer.  
At Baby Hugs, your baby's happiness is the most important thing in the world!

Our Big Guys

Because of the ever growing waiting list, Baby Hugs was added as the infant/toddler center for Little House of Hugs, in 2007.  It is located next door to the preschool, and is over 2000 square feet - JUST FOR THE BABIES!!  Most centers have a small portion of the building sectioned off for the babies/toddlers, but at Baby Hugs, they have room to run, play, laugh, and learn!

Our BEAUTIFUL facility!

We learn to...